May 18, 2022

How to hide your friends in Facebook app?

Privacy has been always a concern for many users especially for those who are active on social media platforms. Due to which various social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc keep on updating their privacy setting and comes up with various privacy and security features for users to safeguard their private information from malicious activities and public interest.

In this post let’s talk about a Facebook privacy feature through which you can hide your friends in Facebook app from all the people on Facebook. By default, everyone on Facebook can see your friend list if a person visits your profile but if you are more of a private person and do not want anyone to view whom you are friend with then the below steps can be useful for you to hide your friend list from everyone:

Let’s see first how you can change the settings from a Facebook mobile application:

1. Open the Facebook mobile application

2. Login with your account

3. Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the app as shown in image below

4. Tap on Settings & Privacy

5. Tap on Settings under Settings & Privacy and a new Account Settings menu screen will open up

6. Tap on Privacy Settings under “Privacy

7. Scroll a bit down and you will see an option “Who can see your friend list?”. Tap on it.

8.Under this menu you have various options.

  • Public-It is a by default selected option and anyone can view your friend list
  • Friends-Friends that you have in your friend list can view it
  • Friends except-Exclude the friends that you don’t want to view your friendlist
  • Specific Friends-Here you can select friends that can only view your friend list
  • Only me-Here no one on Facebook can view your friend list and only you can view it.

9. Select the option “Only me” from the above options

Navigate backward and you are done with changing your settings. Now no one on Facebook can view your friend list except you. Facebook offers various options as mentioned under point number 8 to manage your friend list privacy settings and based on your requirement you may select either of the above options.

You can change the Facebook privacy settings both from Facebook and mobile application (Android and ios) and the same steps are applicable in both. However, in a Facebook web-based application, a downward arrow will be there instead of three horizontal lines which you need to click on first to proceed further.

Things to Note:

So, by using the above feature from Facebook, you will be able to hide your friends and no one can view them once they visit your profile. However, there could still view the friends that you have in common with them as mutual friends are still visible even after using this feature. If your friends have their friend list as public then you will be visible in their friend list.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the above post and found it helpful in tweaking your privacy settings on Facebook.

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