May 13, 2022

Thinking about learning IBM Cognos Analytics?

Learning Cognos_Analytics

In this post, let’s learn about IBM’s Cognos Analytics tool. It is a business intelligence-based tool use to generate web-based reports and perform analytics. If you want to analyze your data and want to create detailed reports based on it, then this tool has various features to offer you.

The tool uses its feature of Artificial Intelligence to discover the data patterns which user won’t be able to find out. You can connect the Cognos tool to a wide variety of data sources which also include SQL database, Amazon, Google, BigQuery, etc. Once you have data from different sources in a single place, then with the help of BI capabilities of the tool you can create stunning visualizations on your data. The tool will create dashboards based on your visualizations which you can drill in various ways to gain more insight into your data. Report that will be generated by the tool can be exported in formats like XML, pdf and you can view them in any web-based browser. You can also schedule the report so that it can be generated at any specific time in a day.

Since IBM Cognos offers various features, it can be used as enterprise software. So, if you are a power user or Business analyst, you can view the same data in multiple ways to generate reports. If any user wants to see the summarised data on the dashboard in various styles, then that is also possible. So, several users can work on the tool in various ways depending upon their requirements.

The tool has various features to offer as listed below:

1) You can query, report, analyze, and score card using the BI capability of the tool.

2) Forecasting your business based on data visualization.

3) Share insights on data with other people in the organization.

4) Supports alerts and notifications on a real-time basis.

5) You can edit the existing data and can drill through it.

6) Share the content generated by Cognos BI on authorized applications or interfaces.

7) Data security using a firewall.

8) Non-dependency on any platform and reliability.

9) Intuitive interface to use.

There are various BI tools in the market as well like SAS, MicroStrategy, Microsoft BI tools, Business Objects, etc. Cognos major advantage is that it allows generating various types of reports structure which you can schedule and can export them in various formats.

IBM has divided the functionality of this tool into various components like Cognos Connection, Query Studio, Report Studio, Metric Studio, etc with each component having various features and services to offer.


The selection of any BI tool depends entirely upon the requirements of the company, the feature that the tool offers, and the license cost that would be required for acquiring the tool. IBM’s Cognos is a feature-rich analytics tool and if it matches your requirement then it can be considered as a good option.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post on Cognos Analytics and have gained useful insight into the tool.

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