May 17, 2022

What does “BUMP” means on Facebook?

Have you ever heard the phrase from your friends “Bump the post” on Facebook or while scrolling down any specific group you see the word BUMP under the comments section made by any user?

Well, if you are not aware of it then I will explain in this post what does BUMP means on Facebook and how you can utilize this feature.

Suppose you are scrolling through a Facebook group where there are a lot of posts related to selling and purchase of items by group members and suddenly you came across a post which you think can be very useful for other people. Now the next question that will come to your mind will be how you can make that post appear at the top among all the other posts in the group so that more people could watch, comment, and share on it.

So here comes your answer, the BUMP feature is very handy which you can use to move the post to the top of other posts so that more and more people could view it and can comment on it.

You can also use this feature on the posts that you have posted in groups a few days back. For example, you recently posted on a group to sell your item at a specific price and now you think that you need to modify the price for it. After you have modified the price of that item, you can use the BUMP feature to move your post to the top of the group for other people to watch the modified price for that item.

If you want to BUMP any post on Facebook, then the below steps can be helpful for you.

1.Navigate to the Facebook URL if you are opening it from a computer or open Facebook application if you are accessing it from a mobile phone.

2. Once you are logged in, then navigate to the post inside the Facebook group which you think you want to BUMP.

3. Now under the comments section type the word “BUMP” or “b.” as shown below in the image.


4. Press enter key to post your comment on the post.

5. Now refresh the page again.

You will observe that your post on which you commented BUMP is now visible on top of all other posts inside the group.

So, after you have BUMPED a specific post what are the things you can do after BUMPING a post:

  • You can delete the comment which you used for bumping the post if you do not want other people to know about it or if you do not want any notifications related to that post.
  • Only use this feature if you think the post you are going to BUMP will be useful for other people of the group and avoid using it frequently in groups as there could be a chance that group admins can warn you or remove you from the group.


So above were the steps to perform the BUMP feature on Facebook. If you are using this feature or have any queries related to it, then please share it in comments section of the post.

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