May 13, 2022

What is Hardware Acceleration In Chrome?

Hardware Acceleration In Chrome

Hardware acceleration is another way to speed up the performance of the applications by offloading tasks to your computer’s hardware. You will additionally use this feature in your chrome browser when you are taking part in high-quality graphic content like games, videos that require a lot of processing power, or the other task which needs a lot of computing power. Google chrome is one of the most favorite window-based browsers among users across the world and also has an in-built feature of Hardware Acceleration for the users which they can switch on and off based on the requirements. 

Let us determine the steps to implement the above feature in Chrome:

When you activate this feature Chrome can use your Computer’s GPU(Graphical Process Unit) so that the processes that are running in chrome presently will take extra power from the GPU unit and a lesser load will be there on the CPU.

To understand with this a little example, if you are running a graphic intensive website that is putting a lot of load on the CPU, then by turning the feature of Hardware Acceleration in Chrome, it will enhance your browsing experience. This can additionally improve the overall experience of your browsing as the rendering of the pages will be a lot quicker.

To turn this feature on/off from the Chrome browser few steps need to be followed as listed below:

Assuming that you are using the latest version of the Chrome browser in your machine, In the example cited below Version, 91.0.4472.77 is used.

1) Click on three vertical dots and choose Settings from the menu.

2) To the left you will see an Advanced menu. Click on it.

3) Click on System and you will see the choice “Use hardware acceleration when available”

4)Toggle through the choice to turn it on or off.

5) Once done,the Relaunch button will appear.

6) Click on the above button to restart the chrome browser.

After restarting, the above feature will be turned on in your browser. Now you would be curious to see what changes will be there after turning on this feature. Well to test that you may open in your browser any HD or 4k video content or any content that uses high-quality animations or any graphics-intensive video games which you play frequently.

Should you use this feature?

You can use this feature until and unless you see something unusual in your system. For example, if you see graphic elements on the web pages are not rendered correctly or any lag in browsing activities or if the power consumption of your laptop is getting increased, then in those cases, you can turn off the feature.

Also if you are turning on this feature then make sure that your system has a suitable hardware configuration.


This was the easiest way by which you can turn on the Hardware Acceleration in Chrome. Please share your observations within the comments section and let us know if you found this feature helpful or not.

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