May 13, 2022

All About Social Bookmarking in SEO

Many of you must not be familiar with the word “Social bookmarking” because when we hear the term Bookmarking, the first thought that comes to our mind is to save the link of the website in the browser so that it can be referred to again in future.

Social bookmarking is slightly different than just bookmarking a page. Let’s discover it out.

Social Bookmarking in SEO

What it is all about?

By Social bookmarking, you will be sharing the links to your websites via social media websites like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

If you share the links through these websites then those are not saved on your machine rather these websites store those links on their platforms.

So, you may access those links from anywhere like using your mobile devices, tablets, etc and all you need is an internet connection. These bookmarks which you do on social media sites are public bookmarks and anyone can view them.

What benefits you will get?

1) The first benefit will be that your website will be indexed faster as major search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc will be looking for information on each website. On crawling, if they find suitable results from websites where you share the links, search engines update and store those results in their databases. This helps to index the website faster and improves website rank in search results.

2) It is easy to generate traffic for a website through social bookmarking. When people click on the link you share they will be redirected to your website and if you are a blogger then there are chances that your post could go viral if liked by users.

3) You can also generate backlinks for your website. When you bookmark content on any social media, a backlink is generated for your website. These backlinks help to improve the ranking of the website and improved domain authority.

4)You can save all your valuable content in an organized manner via tagging etc. You won’t be losing any content as well if bookmarked on social media.

5)Social Bookmarking also help in branding and promotion. You may bookmark links to the posts that redirect to your website and mention your work, company, etc.

Keeping the above points in mind, Social Bookmarking is a very effective tool in the SEO of a website. As search engines also list the results from social bookmarked sites, it will help your website to gain trustworthiness in search engines. When any specific content is bookmarked a lot by users on social media websites, it will show higher in the search results. You can use it strategically to either advertise your product or generate traffic for your website.

Avoid overusing this feature. Target 2-3 social media websites first and try to be responsive there. Decide your strategy and implement it in the best possible way. Also, make sure that you don’t have any incomplete information or profile on social media websites where you will be bookmarking. Clear and complete information will gain trustworthiness among users and will help you to rank higher.


Social Bookmarking is a very useful feature with various benefits as described above. If you are not using this feature till now then the above post must have given you a good insight into it and its benefits. Do share your experience in comments section and let us know if you have any further queries related to it.

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