May 15, 2022

How to monitor the performance of the server?

A server is the center of a computer network. It functions to dictate the clients or other personal computers to perform a particular task. Sometimes, the performance of the server gets disturbed. This disturbance in the efficiency of the server can affect the entire computer networking system. It can cause loads of problems in the whole system. 

monitor performance of the server

Server performance monitoring is an essential part of computer networking. In other words, we can say server monitoring performance is the backbone of the computer network.

How do I know that my server is slow?

Following are the points that indicate that the server is slowing down and not performing well:

• The monitor shows up several HTTP code errors such as 500, 502, 503, etc.

• Sometimes, the server automatically restarts the TCP connection and sometimes denies the reconnection.

• Server shows delay in loadings.

•Sometimes, a bug suddenly appears on the server’s screen, which is a strong point that your server is getting slow down.

What cause the server to slow down?

Following are some of the consequences that cause the server to slow down:

  • When people try to reach your website, the server gets overloaded and ultimately starts hanging. For instance, when several people reach a website for online ticket booking for cricket matches, the website hangs up and ultimately crashes out.
  • In some cases, when a server of a network is out of order. Then the backup server has to suffer the traffic. It causes the backup server to flooded with traffic.
  • When your server receives some files that may contain viruses and worms, this affects the efficiency of virus and worm.  
  • Sometimes, some hackers launch such bugs and software in order to snatch or steal the data from the server. These affect the efficiency of the server ultimately.

Monitoring the performance of the server:

Server monitoring is the process of analyzing the efficiency and performance of the server. Server performance informs about the data usage, CPU, I/O, Disk usage.

The experts and professionals of computers have developed many software. This software carries out deep analysis of the server to improve the efficacy and performance of the server.

A server monitoring server explores the reasons that have slowed down the server efficiency and its performance. Server monitoring software monitors the complicated stuff for the server and tries to throw such stuff out to improve the server’s efficiency. Server monitoring software also monitors the other related issues like app slow downtime and loading issues.

Tools that are available in market to monitor the sever and its performance are Datadog, PRTG, Observium, Cacti, Icnga etc.


The monitoring of server performance Is very much essential to keep up the speed of the server. The monitoring server keeps the pace of the server up to the mark. Not only the benefits of monitoring performance is limited to speed maintenance. But it has multiple benefits beyond the limits. All the network systems should keep a check on the monitoring system of their servers to get untroubled access to their servers.

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