May 13, 2022

Robotic Process Automation Testing

Robotic process automation also called RPA is great technology to perform the same actions that humans are doing with the help of bots. Bots can be built and deployed easily to perform the same set of actions multiple times with 100% accuracy and reliability. These bots can interact with the applications or system under test exactly in the same way and person would do. You can also deploy these bots so that they can perform their execution at any specific time. This post will focus on Robotic Process Automation testing and tools that can be used for it.

What actions these bots can perform?

RPA bots can be used for a variety of purposes like opening any software application, data entry operations, scraping data from applications, transfer files or folders, send an email, invoice generation or processing, etc. You can automate various types of workflows that are repetitive. This will help you to achieve higher productivity and you can focus on the task that requires more innovation and interaction with your clients.

What is Robotic process automation testing?

Robotic Process Automation testing

In Robotic process automation testing the focus is on the automation of business processes apart from the business product. To understand this with an example, assume that you are running an e-commerce website and you want it to automate. If you plan to automate it through the RPA approach rather then you can think to automate the processes like entering data for products listed on the website, Resolving customer issues via RPA bots, HR processes onboarding, Automation of payroll, and of course automation of your e-commerce website.RPA automation differs from traditional automation.RPA automation focuses not only on the business product but the entire business process while traditional automation focuses on business products only. You can build different bots to handle your different business processes. In this way, you automate and manage tons of workflows that require a lot of human intervention.

Benefits of Robotic process automation testing:

1) Simple and easy to understand

2) No coding required. Drag and drop-in built activities to perform human tasks.

3) Can be used in different business areas and industries like Insurance, Retail, Banking, etc.

4) Reduced workload and enhanced productivity.

5) Scalable and Reliable

There are various RPA tools available in the market if you are looking to start your career in Robotic process automation. You can select the tools based on your requirements and tool license cost.

Some tools that you can look into are :

1) UiPath

2) Automation Anywhere

3)Blue Prism


Trial versions of the tool can be downloaded from their websites. UiPath has Academy which offers free RPA training and a Community forum where you can post your queries about the tool and get them resolved from various other RPA experts. It also offers various certification programs which you can enroll in after completing your tool training. It will help you to start your RPA journey.


Robotic process automation technology plays a key role if you are looking to enhance your QA capabilities. RPA bots can mimic human actions and can run 24×7.RPA tools are user-friendly and help in achieving automation goals for the organization. Many big organizations are using RPA technology and many new organizations are exploring it to automate their business processes and achieve better automation efficiency.  

If you are also using any RPA tool or planning to use, do share your experience in comments section.   

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